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Used Komori Printing Presses from Superior Graphic Equipment

Below is a List of Available Used (Preowned) Komori Lithrone (L, NL, LS, LSX) Printing Presses from Superior Graphic Equipment

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Each press listing below only contains a partial list of its options. Please contact us for complete information on each press.



 GS-228 (Two-color)

2007 Komori GS228, 10 million impressions, KPC - semi automatic plate change, Komorimatic dampening, ink control. (114-)

2004 Komori GS228, 26 million impressions, SAPC, Komorimatics, PQC. (114-)

L-428 (Four-color)

None currently available.

NL & L-528 (Five-color)

2006 Komori NL528+CX - Series 15, 103 million impressions, coater, extended delivery, PQC, extended delivery, Komorimatics, IR-dryer, SAPC. (114-850)

NL & L-628 (Six-color)

2006 Komori NL628+CCX - UV + IR (hybrid), 20x28, 48 million impressions, UV coater (second coater), Aq. coater (first coater), PQC, SAPC, washers, Anilox coaters (2), Komorimatics wtih Delta, ink temp. control, cylinders excellent. (619-1150)

1998 Komori L628+CX - Series 15, 91 million impressions, coater, extended delivery, PQC, extended delivery, Komorimatics, IR-dryer, SAPC, Anilox, washerfs, presets. (111-?)

29 inch (23x29 & 20x29) presses: LS and LSX:

Five Color

2009 Komori LSX529+CX - Series 45, 24x29.5, 21  million impressions,  Komorimatics with Delta damps, Chilled ink rollers, SAPC, full washers, extended delivery, HB anilox coater, Pierry IR, nonstop feeder, PDCSII closed loop. (111-1440)

2007 Komori LSX529+CX - Series 45, 24x29.5, 28  million impressions, PDC-Lite II scannnig densitometer, Komorimatics with Delta damps, Chilled ink rollers, SAPC, full washers, extended delivery, HB anilox coater, Pierry IR. (s) Sold

2006 Komori LS529+CX series 45, 71 million impressions, 20x29, extended delivery, Harris and Bruno Anilox coater, PQC, high pile, Komorimatics, FAPC (fully automatic plate loading), KHS, KMS, PDCS-II (111-1240)

Six Color

2007 LS629+CX, 60 million impressions, Anilox coater (Harris and Bruno), Komorimatic dampening, perfecting 2/4 and 6/0, cardboard attachment. (v21-1400)


28x40-Inch: LS, SX, L:

Two color:


None currently available


Four color:


2000 Komori L440, 75 million impressions, AMR, PQC IV, KMSIV, FAPC, washers, powder spray, presets, Technotrans. (117-760)

2000 Komori L440P, 97 million impressions, PDCS, AMR, PQC, perfector, presets, washers, Technotrans. (117-790) 

Five color:


None currently available.


None currently available.

Six color:


None currently available.

LS640 .

2008 Komori LS640+CX UV, 19 million impressions, PQC, Anilox, extended delivery, Baldwin, PCDSII, PCC2XX, Nordson UV interdecks. (111-2800)

2007 Komori LS640P DU with UV (HUV), 4 million impressions, PQCS, Komorimatics, KMSIV, KHS, ink temp. control, UVED extended delivery, nonstops, raised 12 inches, EYE UV. (114-2400)

2004 LS640+CX, 112 million impressions, coater, extended delivery, Komorimatics, PQC, AMR, SAPC, ink chilled rollers. (114-1650)

2004 LS640+CX, 114 million impressions, coater, extended delivery, Komorimatics, ink temp. control, PDCS, UV only (no IR-dryer), auto washers, IST UV dryer, FAPC. (113-1770)

2002 Komori LS640+CX, 180 million impressions, Anilox coater, extended delivery, PQC, PDC, KHS, Komorimatics, many more options. (111-1600)


1998 Komori L640+CX, 110 million impressions, coater, extended delivery, PQC, SAPC. (121-740)

Seven color:

None currently available.

Eight color:


2008 Komori LS840P+C-DU (with middle drying stub after perfector), 33 million impressions, coater, convertible perfector (6/0, 10/0),  PDCS, hybrid (UV+IR), FAPC, skeleton transfer, inking declutch units 1 and 8, full air presets, raised 12 inches, Eye UV (HUV), PQCS, Pierry IR dryer, Graphic sprayer, drying stupf after perfector with UV drying, washers. (111-3600)

2006 Komori LS840P, 90 million impressions, PQCS, PCD-52, KMSIV, CIP link, AMR, Komorimatics, ink temp. control. (113-2150)     

Ten color:


2008 Komori LS1040P+CX

         10 color



         153 million impressions

         Perfecting: 5/5, 10/0

         Komorimatic Continuous Damping

         Autoplate, AMR - Automatic Make Ready System

         Auto Blanket Wash

         Auto Impression Cylinder Wash

         Auto Roller Wash

         Chromed Blanket Cylinder

         Chromed Impression Cylinder

         Chromed Plate Cylinders

         Coating Unit

         Grafix Powder Spray


         KMS IV

         Non-stop Feeder


         Sheet De-curler

         PQC-S console

         Plate register remote control

         Advanced cylinder cocking remote control

         Anti fan-out register remote control on advance cylinder

         Paper size preset

         Transfer cylinder sheet guide bars (after perfecting unit)

         Delivery transfer belt,

         Anti-static air blast foot,

         Board applications inc. lay hook/A cyl. gripper height adj.

         Ultrasonic double sheet detector

         Pit-less skid loader

         Feeder pile sideways control

         Press stop by over shoot

         Feeder air switchover function (between low/high speed)

         Suction tape feeder

         Suction side guide (Air side lay device)

         Motor driven ink fountain

         Spring loaded ink roller nip follower,

         Anti-ghosting roller A, B, C & D on all ink form rollers, ink ductor timing adjustment, Ink oscillating roller phase remote control

         Inker/dampener declutch,

         Oscillating dampener bridge roller

         Fountain roller, skewing

         Form roller speed reduction

         Fountain water level sensor

         One touch blanket clamp for barred blanket

         Air blower above impression cylinder

         Sheet guide over impression cylinder

         Fully automated double size 3-cylinder perfecting system

         Impression cylinder jackets after perfecting unit

         one set of spare impression cylinder jackets

         delivery with chain guide + belt guide

         Preset & stacking counter

         Auto-lubrication on delivery chain guide

         Auxiliary delivery pile

         Anti sheet deviation device

         Motorized sheet release cam

         Step skirt on operator side

         Sheet suide guide on PQC operation console

         Resin ink knife

         Lifting frame/lungs

         Feeder pump (included in pump cabinet)

         CE safety standard, Delivery area sensor (CE)

         Preparation for plinth 300mm

         PQC Interface/mechanical preparations for Grafix Megatronic

         PQC Interface for Technotrans Beta C

         Circum./Lateral register & paper thickness remote control

         blanket and plate compatible clamps

         Shallow delivery swan neck with chain guide

         Shadowless grippers in delivery

         Coater tool less clamp for blanket and plates

         More information available upon request



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