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Used Komori Printing Presses from Superior Graphic Equipment

Below is a List of Available Used (Preowned) Komori Lithrone (L, NL, LS, LSX) Printing Presses from Superior Graphic Equipment

Scroll down to view all machine listings.

Each press listing below only contains a partial list of its options. Please contact us for complete information on each press.



Two Color:

None currently available.

Four Color:

None currently available.

Five Color:

2003 Komori NL528+CX, 136 million impressions, Series 45, SAPC, presets, PDCS, Anilox coater, extended delivery, IR.  SOLD

1998 Komori L528+CX, 80 million impressions, SAPC, presets, Komorimatics, Technotrans, auto washers, coater, extended delivery, IVT IR dryer. (1x4-700)

Six Color:

2004 Komori NL628+CX, 30 million impressions, SAPC, auto washers, Harris Bruno Anilox coater, KMSIV, Series 45. (x15-800)


29 inch (23x29 & 20x29) presses: LS and LSX:

Five Color

None currently available.

Six Color

None currently available.

Seven Color

None currently available.


28x40-Inch: LS, SX, L:

Two color:


None currently available. 


Four color:


2008 Komori LS440P+CX, EXCELLENT CONDITION, 175 million impressions, coater, perfector, loaded, FAPC, auto washers, HB Anilox, closed loop.

Five color:


None currently available.


2007 Komori Lithrone LS540+CX, 54 million impressions (original), Anilox, PQC-S, PDCSII, AWS, KMS-IV, full AMR, series 45.


None currently available.

Six color:


None currently available.


None currently available.


2000 Komori L640+CX, 90 million impressions, SAPC, auto washers, nonstop feeder, continuous delivery, PQC, coater, extended delivery, Komorimatics. (o-x)

1998 Komori L640+CX, 110 million impressions, coater, extended delivery, PQC, SAPC. (121-740)

Seven color:

None currently available.

Eight color:


2008 Komori LS840+CX, Series 45, 140 million impressions, KHS, KMSIV, CIP4, FAPC, Anilox, extended delivery, PQC, more information available upon request. (1x5-2000)

2006 Komori LS840P, 90 million impressions, PQCS, PCD-52, KMSIV, CIP link, AMR, Komorimatics, ink temp. control. (113-2150)

2001 Komori L840P+CX, 70 million impressions, extended deligvery, ink temp. control, auto washers, ESS spray, KMS, AMR, Komorimatics, PQC, Anolox coater. (1x4-1320)     



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